Siblings race to drink COLLAGEN to stretch their skin

You may not believe it, but just drinking this glass of water every morning, your skin is always bright and smooth like an 18-year-old girl without any better cosmetics.
Collagen is considered a panacea to retain youth for women. However, this magic potion is quite expensive, not everyone can afford it. For those of you who cannot afford a steam bath, you can make your skin shiny with this homemade water.
Ingredients to be prepared
– Honey: 5 teaspoons
– Lemon: 2 fruit
– A little salt
– Cinnamon: 1 stick
– Jujube or jujube: a few

Honey can be used as an integral part of a daily skin care regimen because its ingredients have the ability to absorb and retain moisture, and at the same time whiten, smooth, and pore-clogging. baby again.
Lemon contains L-asorbic acid and vitamin C, an astringent and drying agent. This substance acts as an antibiotic against the bacteria that cause acne. Therefore, lemon is a panacea for acne, acne treatment and effective skin whitening.
Cinnamon bark contains diterpenoid compounds, phenyl glycosides, mucilage, flavonoid compounds, tannins, coumarins, stearic acid, oleic acid… Therefore, one of the uses of cinnamon is to treat acne and anti-aging.
Salt water reduces acne by acting directly on the cause of acne. Salt water also helps balance moisture in the skin and prevents the skin from producing too much oil, which will also help you avoid acne.
Therefore, when these ingredients are combined together, they will create a magical mixture that helps skin smooth, white like a peeled egg, and tighten pores.