Not only against ultraviolet rays, sunscreen helps to slow down the skin aging process, preventing the risk of skin cancer due to prolonged sun exposure. Everything you need to know about the “divine” protector called sunscreen is in this article.
As you know,  sunscreen is a skincare product that everyone needs to protect skin from ultraviolet rays. If you do not use sunscreen regularly, your skin will not only be black, dark, dull, appear melanocytes (freckles, melasma) but also make pores bigger, wrinkles deeper, skin lacks elasticity. , hyperkeratosis on the surface makes acne more likely.

For women sunscreenofficenecessary even when you do not go out because UV rays can penetrate through the glass window to attack your skin, causing countless harms. Therefore, applying sunscreen is extremely necessary, to protect your skin from bad influences from the environment.
The higher the SPF (sun protection factor of the product), the more dependent the user is, often those who use the cream with SPF 100 will use it all day without reapplying. This only reduces your sunscreen effectiveness to zero.
Don’t be fooled by the SPF ads on product labels.
In fact, not SPF 100 will give twice as much protection as SPF 50. According to research, SPF 5 – blocks about 30% of UVB rays, creams with SPF 30 – blocks 95%, SPF 50 – blocks 98% and  SPF 100 – blocks  99%.